HP Printer fun – PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 0200000202010200011000000 and GENERAL MISPRINT ERROR

Do a google search on ‘PAPER FEED 1, PAPER LATE JAM 0200000202010200011000000’, or ‘GENERAL MISPRINT ERROR’. You should get a number of results – they will be the embedded web server in many HP laser printers (seems to be mostly the P3000 family) that have been exposed (inadvertently, probably) to the public internet. If you click on the ‘Print’ link, you can submit a PDF file and it will print on the remote printer, freaking out people who will have no idea where the printout came from. Have fun!

I stumbled upon this while troubleshooting a problem with my own P3015 printer, the message comes from the Event Log, which I googled.

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